Before embarking on my journey as an SEO specialist, I had the opportunity to nurture my skills and expertise through diverse experiences in the technology field. To start with, I spent one and half year as a front-end developer, immersing myself in the art of creating captivating and user-friendly websites. Later on, I delved into the fascinating realm of website administration for a year, gaining invaluable insights into managing and optimizing online platforms. These early adventures in the IT field ignited my passion to explore the vast potential of technology.

During the pandemic, I realized the significance of digital marketing in reaching target audiences effectively. This motivated me to explore the field further, leveraging my IT background.

To enhance my knowledge and practical skills, I joined a reputable institute in Nepal known for its comprehensive digital marketing courses. This immersive education provided hands-on experience in implementing diverse strategies in real-world scenarios.

As an SEO specialist, I have a strong grasp of digital marketing intricacies. I develop strategies to enhance online visibility, drive organic traffic, and optimize conversion rates. I stay updated with industry trends and algorithms to deliver results that align with businesses' unique goals and objectives.

I am dedicated to surpassing expectations and building meaningful client relationships. By fostering open communication, providing progress reports, and offering actionable insights, clients actively participate in the optimization process. My passion for leveraging digital marketing to drive business growth fuels me. I look forward to using my expertise to help you achieve your online objectives.

What I Work On Daily Basis?

Analytics - GSC - Semrush - Ahrefs - Keyword Research - On-page - Content Creation - Technical Seo - Off-page - GBP - Social Media - Canva - Client Communication

Years of Experience
Project Done

Companies: Educational Consultant, Online Course, Gold, Silver, Platinum ( E-commerce), Solar Energy, Party Buses & Limousines, and many more.

My Mission

I excel in providing highly effective search engine optimization solutions that powerfully enhance online visibility, drive substantial organic traffic, and skyrocket the digital presence of businesses, regardless of their size. My unwavering commitment lies in consistently delivering exceptional results through meticulously crafted SEO techniques, an insatiable thirst for knowledge, and groundbreaking approaches.

My Vision

I aspire to establish myself as a trusted partner and industry leader in the field of SEO. My primary objective is to empower businesses, enabling them to achieve their online objectives by harnessing the immense power of search engines. I envision a dynamic digital landscape where every organization can maximize its online potential, foster meaningful connections with its target audience, and thrive in the face of fierce competition in the online realm.

Proven Records

Find out Proven Records

Here, As an Top SEO Expert In Nepal, I showcase my track record of delivering impactful insights and data-driven strategies through robust analytics. With a strong focus on quantitative analysis and data interpretation, I have consistently driven measurable results for clients and organizations.

By exploring this Proven Analytics Record section, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of my expertise in leveraging data to drive success. Get in touch to discuss how I can bring these analytics capabilities to your organization and empower data-driven decision-making.

All My Experiences

July: 2021 - Now

Seo Specialist

Splendour Group

  • Develop and execute SEO strategies to improve website visibility, traffic, and search engine rankings, especially for clients in Australia and USA with a focus on both organic and local search.
  • Perform keyword research and keyword gap analysis to identify opportunities for optimization and create targeted content.
  • Monitor and analyze website traffic and search engine rankings using tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Semrush, And Ahrefs.
  • Collaborate with web developers, and other stakeholders to ensure SEO best practices are integrated into website design and content creation processes.

May : 2021 - July : 2021

Digital Marketer

Datalink Intec Pvt. Ltd.

  • Analyzing search patterns to identify relevant keywords for optimizing website content and improving search engine visibility.
  • Detected Trends and Insights and performed analyzing the website performance
  • performed On-Page and Off-Page SEO to increase organic ranking, website authority, and backlinks.

  • Monitored Social Media ( uploaded post, videos by analyzing buyer persona).

Jan : 2022 - July : 2022

Web Administrator

Datalink Intec Pvt. Ltd.

  • Web traffic stats such as page views, bandwidth usage, and click-through rates are monitored.
  • Maintaining and upgrading current website content to ensure that it is relevant to the demands of consumers.
  • Analyzing analytics data to see which keywords or topics are attracting the most attention from

  • Add, edit, delete, and compressed images.

Jan : 2022 - Mar : 2022

Document Manager

Prelude Education Pvt. Ltd.

  • Assume responsibility for document storage, cataloging, and retrieval as needed.
  • Check the documents for accuracy and reliability in exhaustive detail.
  • Reviewed and updated technical documents.

  • Organized the documents systematically.
  • Removed Documents that are obsolete.

Jan : 2021 - Mar : 2021

Front-End Development (Intern)

Prelude Education Pvt. Ltd.

  • Concept of Designing Pages.
  • Edit and Update website contents.
  • Test and give feedback to the team.

  • Website Performance.
  • Core Understanding of Html, CSS, Bootstrap.
On-page SEO
Digital Marketing
SEO Tools
SEO Forecasting
Technical SEO
Social Media
Research and Analysis
Off-Page SEO
Office Package
Content Writing
Adobe Illustrator
Project Management


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